Our Screens

Based out of Queens, New York, Nguyen Van Lan, who owns the Japanese Screen Corporation, learned to make traditional shoji screens in Korea after escaping form his native Vietnam in a tiny boat.  These days he designs and builds custom screens at home.  You can make an appointment and see his showroom of all the screens he makes.

Mr. Lan makes many types of custom screens including: sliding screens, free-standing screens that fold in two directions, free-standing room dividers and sliding window screens.  The screens have traditional hinge fittings instead of the staples used in cheaper, ready-made screens. Mr. Lan favors California redwood, which is light and durable.  All screens are made to order to ensure a perfect fit, size and color customization.

Our screens are made from tough translucent paper and light weight California redwood which can serve many purposes. 

  • The paper lets light in, but keeps direct sunlight out that can cause fading on furniture and walls. 
  • The paper acts as a privacy screen from the outside world when installed as window screens. 
  • As ceiling light fixture, the screens diffuses harsh light to create a warm effect in any room.
  • In the winter, the screens can prevent cold air from coming in through windows and doors while keeping heat in.  In the summer, there is a reverse effect. 
  • Ceiling to floor screens can separate large rooms or divide rooms when necessary